Welcome to Kalakadu!

The ancient village with a rich heritage!

With the blessings of our Lord, we and all the devotees are happy that the Kumbabishekam has been performed on 14th July 2011.

We strive to serve and improve Kalakad village from a sleepy condition to it's old glorious state of prosperity, promote tourism by improving and rennovating the very ancient Gomathi ambal sametha Sri Sathyavageeswarar temple, assist the student community towards self development by providing additional facilities for education and create scope for better employment opportunities to the youth of Kalakad, create awareness among the people of Kalakad and other public about the need to preserve forestry with it's natural habitats for animals. There is a pressing need to save the endangered species for our own benefits, survival and welfare.

All Kalakadians owe it to KALAKAD, wherever and whatever they are today!

If you are from Kalakad, let us say together, "Join us" in the above tasks. If you are not a Kalakadian, but you know some one who is, please make him aware of this.

Even if you have never heard of Kalakad, we sincerely welcome you to join us in the noble cause that we have taken up in improving Kalakad.

First service taken up is the renovation of the very ancient Rajagopuram, that was centuries overdue! For this purpose, an umbrella organisation, BAKTHAR PERAVAI was formed and the first mile stone has been crossed.

With a lot of KALAKADARS SPREAD ALL OVER THE WORLD, and many noble persons coming forward for the cause, we have come this far and hope to continue our developmental works withy His grace.

So what are you waiting for?

Become a member of BAKTHAR PERAVAI

1) Join as a member of Bakthar Peravai. Life membership fee is Rs.1000/=
2) Contribute any additional amount as donation.
3) Spread the word and get more contributions from friends and relatives

Bakthar Peravai can be reached at: 34/82, Big street, Kalakad-627501
Contributions can be sent to the above address as DD/Cheque favoring BAKTHAR PERAVAI, KALAKAD;

Account details are:

STATE BANK OF TRAVANCORE, Kalakad branch; A/C No 67053171670
INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK, Kalakad branch: A/C No 19912
For further details please contact: Mr. Chandresekaran at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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- ஆசுகவி ஆகிரா

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